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    Product Range >> Metal Beam Crash Barrier ::::::::
  • As restraining barriers on embankments of Expressways & Highways.
  • As containment barriers on medians and grade separators of multiple lane roads.
  • As protection barriers/containment barriers for hilly terrains and Ghat roads.
  • As crash guards on car racing tracks.
  • For interior traffic safety at Airports, Plants handling hazardous chemicals, mines, collieries, etc
  • As fencing barriers for country border lines, expanse lands, water bodies, bridge piers, signposts, rocky areas etc
  • Metal crash barriers conform to specifications of ;
    • Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, India (MORTH).
    • American (AASHTO M 180).
    • Euro norm (EN 1317 - 1 & 2).
W Beam:
  • Cold roll formed section.
  • Thickness : 2.67 to 3.40 mm
  • Raw Material : IS 5986 Grade fe- 360(ST-37) Fe- 410(ST-42)and fe 510 (ST-52)
  • Galvanising: 550 gms/Sqm.
  • Cold roll formed section.
  • Thickness : 5 mm.
  • Raw Material : IS 5986 Grade fe- 360(ST-37) Fe- 410(ST-42)and fe 510 (ST-52).
  • Galvanizing: 550 gms/Sqm.
  • Hot Rolled Section (as required)

Changes of direction in both horizontal and vertical planes can be catered for with the use of custom made mitred sections

Stock sizes are normally 90 degrees and 45 degrees with internal or external traffic faces.

Custom angles available to order.

Radius Beams
Barrier can be curved to order to a minimum of 6.0m radius concave or convex traffic faces
Crash Barrier are usually terminated at full height when in a non highway situation as the options are much more economical than the highway style of ramped down terminal
Fishtail End By far the most popular end treatment
Bullnose End
Originally part of the ramped down terminal design, the bull nose is a versatile item. Its uses include offering a blunt end on a single sided run, a joining terminal for double sided runs, catering for changes of direction
Scroll End
Offers a blunt end for situations of heavy passing foot traffic, for example where a run of barrier breaks for a doorway
  • Fully Automatic Line all operations PLC Programmed
  • Skilled manpower for all functional operations available.
  • Material Handling Systems Available 10 MT EOT Crane, Fork Lift and Hydra in place
  • In House Galvanizing Plant
  • Strategic tie-up with Steel manufacturing Company for adequate supply of Steel
  • Proximity to 2 ports equidistant.

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