At APS, we keep up with changing times in terms of technology and infrastructure. At the same time, we also ensure that our staff is skilled and trained into application of technology, enabling them to serve to clients’ requirements in the best possible way.

Construction of EHV Transmission Lines

This forms one of our core services. Today, we stand as a forerunner in construction of Electric Transmission Lines from 33 KV to 800 KV. A typical Transmission Lines project involves:

  • Complete engineering and design
  • Route survey and preparation of profile
  • Soil investigation
  • Design and construction of foundations
  • Tower erection
  • Stringing of conductor and earth wire & OPGW
  • Testing and Commissioning

With our sound infrastructure, our projects are efficiently managed by a highly qualified and experienced team of technical experts and project managers.


For Fabrication, our multi-purpose CNC machines are specially imported from Spain. The Hydraulic presses, machine tools, jigs and fixtures ensure that bent items are handled without distortion. Also, the cranes (on ground and overhead) are strategically positioned to simplify handling of materials. Considering varying needs of the industry, our machines and tools are equipped to process steel conforming to various specifications like IS, BSEN, ASTM, JIS & DIN.


We are known for our expertise in Galvanising services. With our state-of-the-art semi-automatic (Protherm, Made in UK) GAS - Fired Hot - Dip Galvanizing Plant, we meet every requirement in the most efficient way. It is excellently equipped with heat pumping unit, flame proof - type flow heater, self proportioning burner, centrifugal blowers and heat resisting cover with pickling, rinsing, pre-fluxing & quenching (running water) tank, and Zinc kettle, ensuring quality of the products that conform to the International Standards. Each of our products adhere to IS 2629 and IS 4759.

The pre-treatment of steel is effectively handled with chemicals to minimize effluents. The control treatment includes degreasing, pickling and fluxing for an ideal reaction between Steel and Zinc.

The pre-heating chamber ensures uniform drying and pre-heating of steel to have an excellent surface finish and uniform coating of zinc. The temperature of galvanizing furnace is accurately controlled by an automatic digital temperature meter.

The waste acids and chemicals are treated as per all applicable environment standards.